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Behind the Scenes

Yeliz and Catherine!
Team Escape! and Maneen
Southern Shorts
Background- Sketch
Background- Value Study
Background- Lighting Pass
Background- Composited
INFF Closing Ceremony with Filmmakers and Jurors

Escape (2019)

I've been with the Escape team since August of 2018 - pre production to post and through the festival circuit. It was a lovely opportunity to Produce for an incredible visual journey such as this.

Some of the things I did include:

  • gathered, vetted, and managed crew of 54 people

  • worked with director to make most efficient cuts (save time, resources) while still maintaining story integrity

  • established naming conventions, folder structures, asset organization through Microsoft Planner and Google Drive

  • established and maintained timelines

  • organized weeklies (meetings for crew currently on project)

  • intense problem solving with regards to technical aspects of 2D/3D integration

  • character animation

  • animation direction

  • background painting


Production Work

Below are some of the examples of how we approached the daunting task of communication with a crew who was rarely ever in the same place. Shot breakdowns for each and every shot were crucial to a unified and consistent view from the director to people in different departments. SyncSketch was an invaluable tool for giving and receiving feedback, directly on the screen! A huge  factor in project completion was a little thing we called the ReadMe Log. When any of us was working, we'd have a tab to the AirTable form open and log any major or minor events. Things we needed to do in the future, people we'd talked to, errors that occurred and a handy place for pictures. At the beginning of every day the director and I would scroll down the log like a morning newspaper , able to catch up on everything at our own pace and establish the needs for the day. The easily accessible color-coordinated Google Calendar was essential for keeping track of tasks, deadlines, and meetings. Take a peek at how we ran our production!

More About Escape (2019)

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Meet some of the 54 people who made this film happen

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