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The last few years I really pushed myself to become a valued member of the Atlanta animation community. Whether it's creating projects, helping reorganize productions, or training and outreach, if there is a space that I see I can fill I will do it.  This drive lead me to collaborate with so many lovely, talented and hardworking people. Take a peek at what I've been doing!


HOFI (In Pre-Production)

Untitled Short Film

Can you process your past if your experience is being monitored?

Click below to browse through some of the concept art as we create it!

The Comedown (2021)


Had 1 month to bring client's music video concept to life through After Effects. Storyboarding, rigging, animating, compositing and editing all completed in house.


Escape (2019)

Short Film - Producer

Escape is a short film written and directed by Yeliz Motro, art directed by Misha Frey and produced by me, Catherine Nelson. Check out behind the scenes below!

Ideas United

Freelance Animator

Through Ideas United I've had the opportunity not only to animate but facilitate other animation production needs, such as projecting timelines for projects, establishing animation pipelines, setting up the company's Shotgun Software as well as utilizing AirTable for asset tracking and facilitating project completion.

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Misty Slope


Practical Solutions

I used AirTable to establish a center for the virtual company. Created AirTable databases with notification systems using automations (AirTable internal as well as Zapier) for task management as well as production asset management, tracking of all internal and external forms, and assisting HR and Accounting. Pipeline efficiency was essential in approaching daily workflow organization.


SCAD Animation Workshops

Producer and Presenter

This series of workshops I produced and presented throughout 2018-19 hold a special place in my heart. I had the good fortune to work on over 23 student films, every one an opportunity to touch different workflows and learn from each. I wanted to share some of the things I learned, to help other people break the ice on working with other people and feel confident in at least one skill they could offer. It started with a "Coloring in ToonBoom Harmony" workshop, which yielded 60 people as well as a dog!


Nama-Stay With Me (2019)

Short Film - Production Manager

In late-production, I stepped in to facilitate film completion. I worked with the director to edit the film down to a manageable size, make and keep a production timeline that worked with her tight schedule, and organized meetings.


Volunteer Coordinator

ASIFA - South is the Atlanta-based branch of the worldwide ASIFA Organization and animation community. As Volunteer Coordinator I scheduled, recruited, trained and managed volunteers for our events, screened films, engaged in committee meetings, and aided my fellow members in whatever way I could.

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